Fred The Godson's Wife Gives An Update On His Fight Against Coronavirus

After Fred The Godson was diagnosed with Coronavrius earlier this week his wife spoke to XXL Magazine about his current condition, bringing some much needed positive news she said he is progressively getting better, despite some setbacks

"Fred is currently in the ICU. He is Covid-19 positive on a ventilator. However, he is progressing! He went in having difficulty breathing on Monday evening. Tuesday morning, I received a call he was not going to make it because his lungs were not working. He was then put on a ventilator, and as of today, the doctors already weaned him down from 100 percent support to 40 percent support of ventilation. He is fighting and he is winning. He has no sign of infection. His heart is strong and working well. His kidneys have been affected, but as of today, he has started dialysis to clean the toxins out of his blood. Fred is going to make it. God is good!"

God is indeed good! Get well soon Fred!

Photo Getty Images!

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