22GZ Finds His Sound With New Album "Growth & Development"

Brooklyn's own 22GZ dropped his new project "Growth & Development" today. The follow up to "The Blixky Tape" from last year features his breakout hit "Suburban Pt 2". The rapper who signed to Kodak Black's & Atlantic Records Sniper Gang Label, spoke about his development with new music and his album:

Speaking about his own growth and the new projects:

"I had this project basically it was an underdog project for me I caught my old song back, theres no features on there I made this about myself, theres a whole lotta good vibes on the tape, theres all the vibes you need there's party vibes and drill vibes, I grown as an artist, to me now cuz I can switch it up, I can always go back into the melodizing, there's not only one type of music I can do now"

With everyone being stuck at home it seems like now is the perfect time to drop music and really get in touch with your fans, when asked what his message is to all the people, creatives and fans is he had this to say:

"To be honest Im just gonna say God wouldnt put you through it if he didn't think you was built for it whether its the worst thing in the world or not, whatever he say just go with the flow you gotta go through bad to get to good, anyway thats how I feel, thats how life is to me"

Check out the full Interview above!

Listen to 22GZ on iHeart Radio here

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