Rihanna Sends Dad Ventilator After He Contracts Coronavirus In Barbados

Ronald Fenty has come down with the Coronavirus 🙏🏾 but his daughter is making sure he's good.

According to The Sun, the 66-year-old revealed he had tested positive for the deadly infection and although his relationship with Rihanna has been rocky over the years, his superstar daughter has been there for him every step of his fight with COVID-19.

Mr. Fenty:
"My daughter Robyn was checking in on me every day. I got a fever up inside of my nose. I had a fever across my lips. It was just a lot of fever. I feared the worst. I thought I was going to die to be honest. I have to say, I love you so much, Robyn. She did so much for me. I appreciate everything she has done. I feared the worst. I thought I was going to die, honestly."

Ri's dad who spent 14 days inside the Paragon Isolation Center on the island, says she even purchased a ventilator and sent it to him in Barbados but he didn't need to use it. In a 2012 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Rihanna talked about her complicated relationship with her father, who, she said, had a tumultuous marriage with her mother.

Aside from making sure dad is taken care of, Ri's foundation donated $5 million to various organizations assisting with coronavirus relief efforts. The Clara Lionel Foundation said its goal is "to immediately mobilize a broad response working with on-the-ground partners." The funds will go towards local food banks, accelerating testing in countries like Haiti and Malawi, and protective equipment for frontline health workers.

Photo: Getty

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