DJ Envy Starts “I Love My DJ’ GoFundMe To Help Struggling DJs

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While the coronavirus continues to take its tole on the country, many clubs, bars and other ways that most DJ's make their living off of are closed. With that being said our own DJ Envy has started a GoFundMe properly titled "I Love My DJ" in an attempt to help out those DJ's who may be struggling to support their family during these times.

"During this pandemic you’ve seen DJs step up to the plate and throw virtual parties to keep the spirits up during this quarantine. It’s tough right now for so many DJs to provide for their families with no bars, clubs, lounges or events to work. For a lot of DJs there is no unemployment option, health care, savings or retirement plan. This is a fitting opportunity to come together and support those who uplift and entertain us through their musical craft. Let’s help our DJs in need. No amount is too small!"

This Sunday DJ Envy as well as other DJ's will go live on Instagram to spin for this cause! No amount is to small, you can donate here

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