Van Jones: "At This Rate COVID-19 Is Going To Devastate Black America"

Van Jones is getting into the effects the COVID-19 pandemic is having on black communities, how information can unfortunately be misleading for vulnerable populations and false assumptions possibly having deadly consequences.

"African Americans are about to learn this awful truth -- in devastating ways. Two data points converged at the start of this crisis to make a lot of black folk shrug and think, "Coronavirus is not our problem' says Van in a piece he wrote for CNN. Van then goes on to break down some myths and give us the facts.

In addition to poor health, African Americans are disproportionately low-income. And low-income people are often trapped or crowded into situations where the sheer population density makes it hard to "social distance." Therefore, the virus will likely spread quickly in housing projects, homeless shelters, prisons and jails -- adding to the risk and pain for those black Americans who are stuck in poverty."

He concludes by saying that the hard truth is that "at this rate, Covid-19 is going to devastate black America."

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