Unsung And Unseen Essential Workers Keeping Our Communities Operational

During the COVID-19 pandemic, these key workers go to work every day despite the threat of the virus to keep hospitals and streets clean, people's Wi-Fi functioning and to help bury the dead.

We get to hear stories of people like Leticia Knight who cleans and sanitizes patients' rooms in a Long Island hospital unit which is almost entirely COVID-19. "It've very hard. I've seen patients that one day they're talking to their family on FaceTime and the next day they're in ICU" says the Environmental Service worker. "When my father was diagnosed, I was telling my children this is why mommy goes to work, so grandpa can be in a room which is clean and get better" Ms. Knight says was the explanation she gave her children as to why she's risking her life daily.

We also hear from Melody Aravena who sheds tears while sitting next to her daughters and discussing her husband's COVID-19 related death. Her husband was Ronaldo Aravena who worked as field technician for Verizon, was also a basketball coach who loved dancing and father of five. There's no way to say how he contracted the virus, but before his passing he was sent to a NYC hospital by Verizon to prepare for a possible surge. "He was very concerned with his job because there was no proper training and no proper protocol" says his widow.

Millions of essential works are unsung and unseen heroes, keeping our power on, the trash collected, our communities safe...much RESPECT to all of these amazing people risking their lives to do their jobs.

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