Six Virus Experts Tackle Coronavirus Origin And They All Agree On One Thing

As well all know, there's TONS of "knowledge" about the origins of the coronavirus. The truth remains elusive but half a dozen virus experts give CNN their thoughts on the origin of the virus.

The scientists say there is zero evidence the Chinese or American government purposefully introduced the new coronavirus to the public. But to date, one thing seems likely: it came from bats.

It's "the most simple, obvious and likely explanation," said Dr. Simon Anthony, a professor at the public health grad school of Columbia University and a key member of PREDICT, a federally funded global program investigating viruses in animal hosts with pandemic potential. PREDICT has discovered 180 coronaviruses over a decade.

One expert, a chemical biology professor and bioweapons expert at Rutgers University, has suggested to several media outlets that the lab-accident theory has credence. "The possibility that the virus entered humans through a laboratory accident cannot and should not be dismissed," Dr. Richard Ebright told CNN in an email.

The six researchers do agree that the coronavirus jumped from an animal to a human, a phenomenon which is known as "zoonotic spillover" and all the scientists discount conspiracy theories related to bioweapons.

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