Meek Mill Responds To 2 Chainz' "Hit For Hit" Ig Battle Challenge

2 Chainz is ready for a battle! Taking to his IG the rapper spoke about the various IG live battles that were going on, when the topic of him taking on Meek in a hit for hit battle 2 Chainz definitely down for the challenge, "Somebody said Meek, and I thought that would be dope, so let's do it Meek. Let's do it".

However Meek hopped right in 2 Chainz' comments to let him know he may just not be ready for that just yet, "I just wanna watchhhh lol, respectfully bowing out to my brother."

However 2 Chainz has options as he also posted: "It's a lot of ducking and dodging on these song battles,I ain't seen nobody call out T.I. Jeezy 2 Chainz or Future. THE SOUTH vs. EVERYBODY.". Either way we're sure 2 Chainz will find his opponent to take it, it just wont be Meek.

Check out his video below..

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