Dominican Artist, Don Miguelo, Breaks IG Live Record With 389K Viewers

There's one man out in the Dominican Republic who is BREAKING Instagram Live records with at times well over 300,000 viewers watching IG Live.

Don Miguelo hosts a very SEXY virtual dance-off where viewers get to rate the female dancers from "0-10" as they dance to songs from Roddy Ricch, Cardi B and even his own joint "Carne" for which he asks fans to drop the steak emoji in the comments. The Live sessions go down several times a week at 9PM and his 3.6 MILLION followers are all invited. He sees virtual contestants from countries like Spain, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Chile, Venezulela, Mexico, The Bronx 😂

Don Miguelo's highest record of IG Live viewers to date is 389,000 Instagram live viewers at one time. Last week the power of Drake helped set another IG record when his surprise appearance on Tory Lanez's Quarantine Radio garnered a whopping 315,000 viewers at one point.

According to Uproxxthe previous record (pre-coronavirus) for any user was held by Taylor Swift, who raked in over 150,000 viewers on one of her IG live sessions.

We must note that no nudity is allowed in Don Miguelo's, but it's definitely for adults only.

Photo: Getty