Emerging NYC Singers Share Their Advice To Creatives During Quarantine

It's a tough time that we're living in, as many people are hurting around our city, especially creatives and artists. When it comes Musicians, singers etc they make most of their money by going on tour, selling merchandise, and continuing to make new music. But with the Coronavirus spreading across the nation a lot of those plans are getting put on hold, things are slowing down, studios are closing and its becoming harder for artists to not only stay positive but also creative.

Stopping by On The Radar (now via IG live) emerging NYC singers Lexxy & Diomara both break down how they have been not only staying busy but also creative and busy. Both singers have recently dropped their own projects "Angelic Hotmess" (Lexxy) & "Alchemy" (Diomara). Being home they've both been working on new music while taking time to also work on themselves and finding new hobbies such as painting.

When asked about the message they would give to creatives out there who may be struggling during this time they shared uplifting words that if your a creative reading this might not only help you but inspire you at the same time.

Lexxy: "We can't fold, I was just saying that to my friend you cant fold right now, they looking for you to fold right now, me I feel like its a challenge, you think I'm not bout to get it popping, lemme drop some music, It's important as hell" She goes on "you gotta be active, this is the greatest time to interact with your fans and your follow"

Diomara: "Ill tell people don't be so pressured to make things, take this time to figure out who are and what you want, what you want and how that aligns with what people need, what resonate with them and the things that have context" she goes on "So I feel like in order to create those things you need to take time to figure out what you want and what aligns with you as well"

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