Dr. Fauci Answers Your Questions About Coronavirus

If anybody has the answers right about not it's this man right here!

Check out as Dr. Anthony Fauci goes on the Philip DeFranco show to answer tons of our questions when it comes to the current coronavirus pandemic 🙏🏾

Dr. Fauci gets into:

  • Why he says COVID-19 may have another cycle in the Fall/Winter and if it will be the same virus that we are seeing now.
  • If he foresees that there will be a vaccination available and when will we know if it works.
  • His recommended strategy for keeping imported cases out of the United States once we get this virus under control.
  • People leaving New York at a rapid rate and spreading the infection.
  • What people can do from home if they suspect that they have contracted the coronavirus.
  • Wether or not we should be avoiding food deliveries right now.

Don't forget: spread knowledge not fear.

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