FDNY Paramedic: "We're Bringing Patients To The Hospital To Die"

FDNY paramedic Megan Pfeiffer is assigned to Jamaica Station 50 has given a candid interview to The New York Post in which reveals some sad and very tragic details as to what she's experiencing while working during this COVID-19 Pandemic.

Paramedic Pfeiffer:
“It’s like battlefield triage right now. We’re pretty much bringing patients to the hospital to die. We know what we signed up for — though we didn’t expect this. It’s very straining. We’re all exhausted. There are a lot of really sick people. Others are panicked, and as soon as they have symptoms, they call us. Some have fever, some have shortness of breath. The hospitals in Queens I go to are totally full."

While older people infected with COVID-19 tend to be seriously ill, she said she was struck by how many younger adults she treats who are also ending up in a hospital ward with the illness, saying that there are "20- to 40-year-olds being sent to the ICU."

Nearly one-quarter of the city’s paramedics are out because of illness or injury amid the deadly pandemic, officials said Tuesday — while the number of 911 calls coming in only soars higher.

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