Don Cheadle Reported To Play The Villain In "Space Jam 2"

While it was reported awhile ago that Don Cheadle would be starring in the sequel to "Space Jam". While his role has been kept a secret his co-star in "Black Monday" Paul Scheer stoped by The Clip City Podcast, and in the interview he let Cheadle's role in "Space Jam 2" slip. While many thought he'd be aiding Lebron James in some way, turns out he will be the villain in the movie.

“Actually Don Cheadle, who I do Black Monday with, he’s the bad guy in Space Jam 2, and he said LeBron’s really great. He was great in Trainwreck too.”

While we now whole he'll be the villain, we don't know if he'll be human or voicing one of "The Monstars". "Space Jam 2" is supposed to drop Summer 2021.

Photo Getty Images.

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