Offset Respond To Cheating Rumors: "Don't Bring Negativity To My Family"

Offset is setting the record straight for all of yall. After a video was posted online the other day of Offset playing video games, while playing Cardi seemingly walks into the room and Offset can be seen putting his phone away and taking it back out after Cardi leaves.

Of course the video went viral on twitter leading Offset to go on IG live to let yall know the deal and dismiss the rumors.

"I know y'all making something out of nothing out of that stream when I was playing the game and my girl came in the room and I grabbed the phone, whatever the hell y'all say, I put the phone up. Come on with the, we got so much negativity energy out here in the air, sickness. Don't bring none of that negativity to my family. We chilling, man. We ain't in y'all way. Everything positive. We got investments and big moves coming. Y'all just making something out of nothing. That ain't 'bout nothing. I don't be doing no negative nothing."

You can check out his response on IG live below..

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