Future To Donate Masks To Aid Healthcare Workers & Patients During Shortage

F--t It Mask On! Future is stepping up to do his part to help out healthcare workers during a time where face masks are in limited supply. According to CNN the rapper is partnering with a sewing organization to help provide masks to patients and workers, the campaign is properly titled "Mask On".

Future's foundation "Freewishes" announced their partnership with "Atlanta Sewing Style" in a statement praising healthcare workers on the front lines and emphasizing how important it is to help keep them all safe:

"We recognize how alarming and critical the need is for medical equipment, so we have stepped in to help, by ensuring that masks are provided to healthcare professionals and patients, currently hospitalized. Healthcare professionals, on the frontlines of this pandemic, are possibly risking their lives. Last week many healthcare professionals and providers pleaded out to the nation for help, as they were experiencing an extreme shortage in medical supplies. In many instances, healthcare providers were asked to re-use masks or even wear bandanas as a replacement. Medical professionals voiced that this was risky and it could potentially expose them to the coronavirus. Within the past few days, healthcare professionals and first responders have tested positive for the coronavirus. Throughout the world doctors and nurses are dying. This is very alarming."

They also announced that that they have a team of over 500 seamstresses that are working to create and deliver the masks!

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