Fans Blast Pharrell Williams For Asking Them For Donations

Pharrell Williams usually gets nothing but "Happy" responses in his comment section, but things didn't go well this time around.

Pharrell shared a social media post asking his fans to donate to hospitals amid the coronavirus pandemic this week saying that “hospitals are running low on masks, gowns, and other critical items" and that we need to replenish their supplies. "Take action, make a donation, and ask others to join the fight. We’re in this together. Let’s protect the responders on the frontlines" he continued and shared a GoFundMe link where people can make their donations.

But his fans were not here for it AT ALL and seem to think that a man whose net worth is said to be as high as $150 million should not be asking fans to donate amid increasing unemployment.

“Imagine asking the people who most likely are being laid off right now, to donate while you could just get your fellow celebs to raise money,” said one Twitter user.
Another fan wrote, “So lemme get this straight. You are asking the millions of Americans who may not have a job right now to donate?! You’re asking people who have an avg HOUSEHOLD income of less than $55,000 to donate?”
“You literally live in a community college spending Kelis Milkshake royalty checks on Uber eats and you’re asking US TO DONATE!?!?”

Pharrell has since responded and said:

"So sorry if i wasn’t clear. I of course donated but wanted to make sure my followers had a way to get involved if they needed too."

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