Drake Asks Rihanna To Release Her New Album ASAP: "Drop R12 Right Now"

Drake and Rihanna's relationship has been well, complicated to say the least. The on and off again pair have dated, been friends and fallen out. But all signs point to the two getting along again.

This past Wednesday the two were up in a DJ's Instagram live oddly enough chatting with each-other in the comments. Some fans are calling the messages flirty but you can be the judge of that. Joking with RiRi, Drake started to ask the "Work" singer to drop her new album which fans have been waiting for some now, "Rihanna drop R12 right now, "Rihanna drop R12 right now,".

What was Riri's response to this you ask? Well she had this to say to Drizzy:

“Night owl, just go and drink lil chamomile and grease ya scalp,”

It's good to see these two back on good terms. Check out their whole conversation below..

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