Doctor At NY Elmhurst Hospital: Staff Is Contracting COVID-19 From Patients

An emergency room doctor is risking her job and giving us a glimpse as to what things look like inside the emergency room at New York's Elmhurst Hospital and exposing how health care workers are catching the Coronavirus.

Dr. Colleen Smith tells The New York Times that at first they were trying to isolate people with cough and fever and be more careful around them. But it turns out that people being brought in for car accidents and who they were not being extra careful around are also testing positive for COVID-19. She says that patients who were coming in with no fever, but complained abdominal pain had findings on their chest X-rays and CT-scans and their lungs looked like they have coronavirus.

Dr. Smith: "We are seeing a lot of patients who probably had COVID-19 and did not realize it. Ten residents and many of the nurses and a few attending physicians got sick. The anxiety of the situation is really overwhelming...we don't have the tools that we need."

Check out the video below.

Photo: Getty

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