Bacardi Rum Factory Is Now Producing Hand Sanitizer

One of the world’s largest rum factories, the Bacardi plant in Puerto Rico, is using the Bacardi alcohol to produce more than 1.7 million 10-ounce bottles of hand sanitizer, much of which is being given to police, nurses, non-profits and others on the front lines of the coronavirus.

Bacardi CEO Mahesh Madhavan spoke to CNBC about the company's decision to produce the 267,000 gallons of sanitizer globally:

"It's our way to step and support, help workers who are facing a huge crisis....our production teams have stepped up to keep the factory going. Our normal production continues. We are putting a portion of production into hand sanitizer."

When asked what he thinks about the drop in people out socializing and enjoying alcohol, Mahesh says that they are seeing is a big pull through at the off trade and in places like Kroger's and Walmart where they are seeing a huge spike in sales. He also says there's been a huge growth in e-commerce with sites like Drizley reporting a sale increase of 300%-500% during the quarantine period.

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