Why Does New York Have Such High Coronavirus Numbers?

Why does New York have such a high Coronavirus diagnosis number at 30,811 when compared to the rest of the nation?

On Wednesday Governor Andre Cuomo held a press conference to give us a COVID-19 update and at the same time gave us his personal opinion as to why we currently have such a higher amount of cases than any other state across the country. To put things into perspective he compared the amount of NY cases approximately 31,000 versus New Jersey (3,675) and California (2,628). And Governor Cuomo seems to think that the main factors to blame are the fact that people travel into our state from all over the world including countries like China and Italy which were hit the hardest by this Pandemic and also our close proximity to our fellow New Yorkers.

Gov Cuomo:
"Because we welcome people from across the globe...they came her from China, Italy. Because we are close...we live close to one another, we're close to one another on the street, bus, restaurants..that's why the virus communicated the way it did. This makes us vulnerable...That closeness and humanity is our greatest strength and that is what's gonna overcome at the end of the day."

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