Slim Thug Contracts Coronavirus - Food Run May Be To Blame

Slim Thug is the latest celebrity to come forward and reveal that he has contracted the Coronavirus.

On Wednesday morning the Houston rapper called up The Breakfast Club and said that despite taking the matter seriously and self-quarantining himself, he still failed to keep the virus off his body.

Slim Thug:

I got tested for the Coronavirus and it came back positive. As careful as I've been, quarantined and staying home. I might went got something to eat, something simple like that nothing crazy, stayed in my truck had mask and gloves and my test still came out positive. Don't come outside, if you have symptoms go get checked...ya better take it serious it's real out here."

As far as his symptoms goes, he says that he only had a slight fever one day and otherwise has been OK and feels good.

Get well soon Thug 🙏🏾

Photo: Getty

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