President Trump: "Our People Want To Return To Work"

President Trump Says He's Been Tested for Coronavirus After Exposure

President Donald Trump just took to Twitter to say that the American people are ready to go back to and will do their part to practice social distancing.

"Our people want to return to work. They will practice Social Distancing and all else, and Seniors will be watched over protectively & lovingly. We can do two things together. THE CURE CANNOT BE WORSE (by far) THAN THE PROBLEM! Congress MUST ACT NOW. We will come back strong!"

He also went on to say that Congress must approve the deal "without all of the nonsense, today" since the longer it takes, the harder it will be to start up our economy and our workers will be hurt.

The Job Quality Index team estimates that some 35 million low-wage and low-hour jobs, defined as those with a weekly average income of under $800, are at risk right now.

What are you thoughts on the President's statement?

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