Mayor De Blasio Says it's Unlikely That This School Year Will Resume

While New York continues to deal with the Coronovirus spreading across the state, Mayor Bill Deblasio has said as of right now the reopening of schools which was slated to happen on April 20th is looking more and more unlikely. Speaking to Pix11 news this morning he expressed that he believes that the school year may be over due to the virus:

"Right now, even though April 20 is our goal to reopen, I can’t see it,I do unfortunately believe the likelihood we’re at right now is that we lose the whole school year which is really really, deeply unfortunate"

One of the mayors main concerns when it comes to students is making sure that graduating Seniors are able to secure their diplomas's:

We’re particularly going to focus on our high school seniors to make sure if they can graduate on time we want to really help them do that

Online learning is expected to begin for most students starting this week.

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