Canada Will Not Send Athletes to the Olympics Unless It's Rescheduled


With COVID-19 spreading at an increasing rate globally, most major events, including concerts, sports, etc. have been postponed until further notice. However, Japan has yet to be the exception, as no plans have been made to postpone the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan.

Many countries have been curious as to when the Olympics will be rescheduled, and on Sunday, Canada announced it would not be sending its athletes to the Olympics. The Canadian Olympic Committee told ESPN that it would not send olympic athletes unless the event is postponed for another year. This move was made to to benefit "health and safety of our athletes and the world community."

"This is not solely about athlete health — it is about public health," the committee said about the decision not to send players. With this move, Canada has become the first country to pull out their athletes from competition in light of the spread of the novel Coronavirus. Other countries haven't made such a move yet, but have been urging the IOC (International Olympic Committee) to postpone the event.

In the meantime, the IOC has announced that they would decide what plans they have with the Olympics within the next coming weeks. Depending on the state of the world by then, a decision will be made, but for now, the games are still on for Late July.

Should the Summer Olympics be postponed? And will the U.S. make the same decision?

Photo: Getty

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