Gov. Cuomo Urges Trump To Use the Defense Production Act for Supplies

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo Holds Daily News Conference Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The spread of COVID-19 has shook the world as citizens practice social distancing and remain quarantined in their homes until further notice. The medical field in every state has taken a turn for the worst as medical supplies become scarce as the virus continues to spread.

On Sunday (Mar 22.) New York Gov. Cuomo said, "states are “savaging” other states and those in need face rampant price gouging as they scramble to find medical gear to combat the coronavirus."

In a recent statement, the democrat said this is the perfect time for the federal government to intervene by using the Defense Production Act ASAP. "The 1950 law empowers the president to order up production from the private sector," the Washington Times reports.

Cuomo believes the President should enforce apparel companies to distribute medical supplies such as gowns, masks and ventilators.

“I think it is appropriate. If I had the power, I would do it in New York,” Mr. Cuomo stated. “Because the situation is that critical.”

Do you think it's necessary for President Trump to enforce this order?

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