Fetty Wap Addresses Lawsuit Involving Ex-Employee

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A few days back, news was reported about Fetty Wap getting sued by his former employee for $1.1M due to a defamation lawsuit. The New Jersey rapper, went on Instagram to clear up his name and address the fact that he is not personally getting sued by his ex employee Shawna Morgan, rather it is his former company RGF Productions that he is no longer apart of. He stated on his Instagram story,

"So this morning I heard on the radio that I was supposed to be involved in some goofy $h*t that got to do with my old company and me. I just wanna let y'all know, that $h*t don't got nothing to do with me, hope y'all stop using my name, stop saying my name, feel me. Like, we already settled our differences me and her personally, that million dollar $h*t gotta do with her and RGF&company. Im no long RGF, so y'all can stop putting my name with that man, use that man name, don't use my name, I'd appreciate that thank you."

Fetty Wap no longer wants his name involved with the situation, and we are happy to know the rapper is doing just fine.

Photo: Getty Images

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