Cardi B To Donate All Sales Of Coronavirus Song To Food Banks & Shelters!

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A few days ago Cardi B's hot take on the Coronavirus went VIRAL all over twitter and instagram. A DJ by the name of iMarkkeyz took it upon himself to create a remix to the song which only upped the status of the clip even warenting a co-sign from the Bronx rapper. It was so good that Cardi and DJ iMrkkeyz teamed up to get the song on iTunes, but for a great cause!

Confirming it herself that they would be donating all the money she said:

"Yes, that's what we going to do! Keep in mind, you don’t get your money right away ... but even months from now there would be families with financial issues for getting laid off due to the virus. We will donate!"

Oh and BTW the song is already charting in over 30 countries!

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