Ron Suno On Comedy, Rapping and Wanting To Unite New York!

One of the funniest people on Instagram out of New York right now Ron Suno stopped by On The Radar! The rapper/comedian is only 19 years old but has already been making waves as one of the hottest new artists out New York. With records like "Spiderman" Featuring "Fivio Foreign" and "Pinocchio" the young star has begun to move more into his original plan of doing music while still maintaining his comedy skits on Instagram.

Speaking on how he's managed to become so successful he had this to say.

"It actually takes something to master something and since I was 10 years old I felt like I had this vision, in order to be successful you gotta know yourself, you gotta know what you can and cannot do so you can get better at it and learn from your mistakes."

Check out the full Interview above!

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