Director Ava Duvernay Is Being Sued By Ex-Prosecutor Linda Fairstein

Ava Duvernay is being sued by Linda Fairstein for her Netflix Series 'When They See Us." 

For those who haven't seen the show, the series is based on the 'Central Park Five.' It's about five African American men who were wrongly accused of raping and beating a woman. Linda Fairstein was the prosecutor on the case.

Fairstein felt that her character in the series was portrayed as a

"racist, unethical villain who is determined to jail innocent children of color at any cost."

Fairstein faced a lot of backlash from the Netflix series. According to TMZ, she stated that her career as an author was destroyed. Her publisher and agents dropped her. She lost speaking appearances and was forced to resign from the boards of several non-profit organizations. Fairstein is suing Duvernay, Netflix and her co-writer for defamation.

Photos: Getty Images

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