Newark Woman Goes On The Run After Testing Positive For COVID-19

The city of Newark has a major problem on their hands 😫 a press conference was just held via Facebook Live concerning the issue.

A woman who tested positive for COVID-19 is on the run and officials are unable to find her. The 19-year-old was tested at East Orange Hospital where she gave a false name and possibly a false address during admission says Newark Mayor Ras Baraka. Officials were unable to locate the woman at the address she provided to the hospital and are currently trying to find her.

“We are appealing to you to go back to the hospital," Baraka said. "We are also appealing to East Orange General Hospital to turn over the info we need so can effectuate this investigation.”

At the moment Newark officials are seeking a court order to force the hospital release their surveillance footage showing the woman's identity. This footage they hope would lead to identifying the woman and possibly quarantining her.

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Photo: Getty

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