Cindy Parker Has Dismissed Paternity Suit Against Future


So we all know Future has been having some legal issues between his alleged Baby Mama Eliza Reign over the last few weeks. And while the case has been ongoing, it would appear Future has an unexpected legal victory.

Another alleged Baby Mama Cindy Parker has dropped her suit against Future over paternity of their child. Her lawyers filed a notice of "non-suit" on March 13th, which means she will be asking the judge to dismiss the case because she's not interested in moving forward with the case.

Parker filed the suit last year seeking child support and paternity custody from the Atlanta rapper, alleging that he abandoned their child. She originally filed a DNA test as a part of the case currently on-going between Future and Eliza Reign.

Whether it's been dropped because of lack of evidence or because of a settlement between the two parties is not 100% known. Regardless, it's one less legal battle for Future.

Photo: Getty

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