Cardi B's Remixed "Coronavirus" Video Is Now Charting on iTunes at #9

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Earlier this week, Cardi B's warning video about her concerns of the Coronavirus went viral and up and coming DJ iMarkkeyz produced a remix of the video. The song Coronavirus has been a hit on social media platforms and recently charted on ITunes at #9. 

Yesterday, the female rapper posted on her instagram a screenshot of the song charting at #96 on iTunes. 

The fact that this damn coronavirus song is charting on iTunes ….Hold on ..let me hit the Dj up and Atlantic so I can get my damn coins

After Cardi posted that screenshot, 2 hours later the song went on to do even better on the charts ranking at #11 on the hip hop/rap charts and entering the overall charts. 

Damn I posted the iTunes chart 2 hours ago of this damn Corona song charting on the hip hop/rap charts at 96 now it’s number 11, 86 on the overall charts ..I’m glad yaaa having fun…..Make sure you lysol your p*$$y before you POP IT. 

Throughout the day the song kept rising on the charts as it is currently #2 on the US ITunes Hip Hop/Rap Chart, and #9 on the overall ITunes Chart. Cardi B has continued to update her fans on how well the song is doing on her social media accounts. Fans have been asking if she will receive any royalties from its success and she went on twitter to explain.

We working on it. I'm automatically credited its MY VOICE ! But if I put my name right now we might have to delete the song and upload again.

One fan also suggested on twitter that both DJ iMarkkeyz and Cardi donate part of the royalties to food banks or shelters and iMarkkeyz replied saying, 

That was my goal.  

Cardi B quote tweeted the post and added, 

YES! THAT'S WHAT WE GOING TO DO ! Keep in mind you don't get your money right away ...but even months from now there would be families with financial issues for getting laid off due to the virus. We will Donate ! 

The song CoronaVirus is now charting in over 30 countries worldwide and is available on streaming platforms. A music video seems to also be in the discussion as actress Tichina Arnold tweeted she will gladly be a back dancer. 

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