Universal CEO Lucian Grainge Tested Positive For Coronavirus

As reported yesterday, CEO of Universal Music Lucian Grainge has contracted coronavirus and is hospitalized in Los Angeles.

Grainge is absolutely the latest public figure to test positive for virus. The news arrived after Universal shut down it’s Santa Monica headquarters after an unidentified employee tested positive for the illness. The CEO just finished celebrating his 60th birthday party 2 weeks before contracting the virus, partying with other Chief Executive Officers in attendance like Apple’s Tim Cook. The coronavirus is completely eating at the music industry with festival companies such as SXSW and others are being forced to change their dates in order to still pay employees and avoid giving back refunds. The coronavirus effect on the music industry is on a macro level, damaging the independent scene as well as artist’s touring as a whole.

Lucian Grainge’s exact medical condition is unknown, however as of Sunday evening over 3,600 Americans tested positive for coronavirus and only 68 have died from the illness.

Let’s hope the CEO gets well soon. 🙏🏾

Credit: Getty Images

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