Taye Diggs says "The Best Man" May Become A TV Series

"The Best Man Holiday" New York Premiere

While fans may have given up on the thought of a third installment of The Best Man franchise, Taye Diggs just dropped some news to give us all hope.

During a recent feature on CBS' The Talk, Diggs' was asked if there will be a third edition of the movie and he revealed that a script has been written for a tv series of The Best Man.

"I do think it will happen. We've all been in discussions with the director Malcolm Lee. I think it might end up being a TV series, maybe on a streaming platform. But the script has already been written, so we'll see."

The Best Man hit theaters in 1999 and starred Morris Chestnut, Nia Long, Terrence Howard, Sanaa Nathan, Harold Perrineau, and Monica Calhoun.

After 14 years, the sequel the Best Man Holiday, released in 2013 and was successful in the box office with a $70 million gross. During that time, Universal announced a third edition, rumored to be named Best Man Wedding, would come out in 2016. However, last year Malcolm Lee announced due to scheduling conflicts and creative difference between him and the studio it has been impeded.

After over 20 years, the film is still considered a classic. Lets hope the discussion turns into reality!

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