New NFL policy Would End Suspensions For Any Positive Drug Test

Carolina Panthers v Washington Redskins

The NFL has secured 10 years of labor peace in which the regular season has been expanded to 17 games, the playoff field has been increased from 12 to 14 teams and there were also proposed changes to the CBA involving the NFL's drug policy. 

NFL players would not face the possibility of being suspended from games over positive tests for any drug — not just marijuana — under a collective bargaining agreement that has been approved by team owners and is now being voted on by members of the players union. Punishment for DUIs would be increased to a three-game suspension. 

In regards to performance-enhancing drugs:

  • A first failed test for stimulants or diuretics will result in a two-game suspension. 
  • A first failed test for anabolic steroids will result in a six-game suspension.
  • Manipulation and or substitution and use of a prohibited substance will result in an eight-game suspension.
  • A second violation for stimulants or diuretics results in a five-game suspension.
  • A second violation for anabolics will result in a 17-game suspension.

The decision reflects a significant shift in the league’s approach to drug use by players, with the agreement emphasizing the need to focus on “ensuring evaluation and treatment” rather than punishment.

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