China Begins Return To Normal Life As 80% Of Corona Virus Patients Recover

Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreaks In China

While much of the world continues to panic over the Corona Virus it is also important to highlight the positive things that are happening along with all the negative. One of those positives is that China is indeed beginning their return to normal life as 80% of their virus patients have recovered from the illness.

In a video posted by "Now This Is News" they detail how the World Health Organization announced a few days ago that out of the 80K patients in China affected over 70% have recovered with that number now reaching 80%. Since then China has begun to slowly re open some business still taking precautions to not spread the virus more.

With many of their makeshifts hospitals closing down as well China's new Corona patients per day is now below 10! Chinese doctors are also beginning to spread their knowledge and help out the rest of the world, with some just landing in Italy to help slow the spread in Europe!

See the video below.

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