NYC Mayor Says Citywide Quarantine Is A "Possibility"

Bill de Blasio

Mayor Bill de Blasio says that there's potential for a citywide quarantine similar to northern Italy’s lockdown amidst the global coronavirus outbreak.

“It’s a possibility but I think people are getting a little ahead of ourselves and we should be careful,” the mayor said on CNN Monday. He noted the transmission of COVID-19 comes from close contact and is only deadly for people who are already sick or elderly. There were16 cases of the disease in the Big Apple as of Monday morning.

“To me, it’s a high bar for a closure. One thing I think makes sense is you have a situation in a school with a temporary closure, a specific targeted closure for limited periods of time,” de Blasio said. “I don’t want to see mass closures I want to see pinpoint response,” he said.

Photo: Getty

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