Aminé On Sampling Ol' Dirty Bastard, Calling Out His Old College + Album

Aminé made his return to music with his "Ol Dirty Bastard" sampled "Shimmy" last week along with dropping a video! Calling in today, he spoke about why he took a break from dropping music, sampling a New York legend and coming at his old college the other day on Twitter.

With "Shimmy" sampling the legendary ODB's "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" he spoke about the sample, revealing at first he wasn't sure if he would use it:

"So I mean for me it wasn't really when I walked into the studio I was going to sample ODB, it was more like Boy Wonder played the beat for me, and then the sample came in and it was like no you didn't just sample one of the most known Hip-Hop songs ever, I didn't want to do it at first it's such an OG sample and if I'm not doing it right I don't want to do it."

When asked if he had a hard time clearing the sample he expressed that it was a smooth clearance, even getting the blessing of DJ Premiere - who loved the song!

The rapper has also been extremely quiee music wise since dropping his last project "OnePointFive", which was meant to be a transition project between his first album "Good For You" and his upcoming second album.

Speaking on the wait he expressed that he's such a perfectionist he wanted to make sure the second album was right.

"Honestly bruh I'm such a perfectionist I knew the second album wasn't done and put together OnePointFive and we just really wanted to take our time with this project"

Before hopping off the phone Aminé addressed his tweet coming for his former college who recently promoted his new song. In the quote tweet he expressed that he has asked to perform at the school for two years but they continuously said no while letting Metal bands perform. When asked if he would go back now, all he had to say was the bag would have to be right.

Check out Aminé's full Interview above

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