Westchester Man With Coronavirus May Be 1st Possible Community Spread In NY

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While everyone continues to prepare for what seems to be the imminent spread of the coronavirus here in our city a Westchester County man has just tested positive for what could be the first case of active community spread. The attorney who works in manhattan has tested positive for the virus and is the states second confirmed case. According to governor Coumo the 50 year old man has not traveled to China or any other countries where the virus has spread leading officials to suggest its from community spread.

In a statement from Mayor Bill de Blasio he reiterated that the city was ready to take action and to expect more cases to pop up.

"With the results confirmed within a number of hours, we were immediately able to take next steps to stop the spread of this virus, we have said from the beginning that it is likely we will see more positive cases of the Coronavirus."

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