Jordan Peele Produced 'Candyman' First Trailer: Watch

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Jordan Peele and Monkeypaw Productions are BACK with a feature film, one that promises to be a terrifying thriller guaranteed to give audiences a dose of the creeps. Candyman, the original version, came out in 1992, and now Peele, who produced and co-wrote the movie, and Nia De Costa, who will direct the film, are back to bring the movie to a newer audience with a whole new cast.

If you say 'Candyman' in the mirror five times...well, let's just say that things do not end well for you. The film features a hook-handed killer who kills those who summon him. The trailer starts with a group of girls who make that fatal mistake, and from there, Anthony McCoy, an artist who is the main character of the movie, investigates the Candyman and takes photos around the neighborhood to find some answers.

The movie is coming to theaters June 12th.

You can watch the trailer below ⬇️. Y'all gonna catch this one?

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