Lil Romo Talks Signing To Empire, Polo G Being A Mentor To Him

"The next big star out of Chicago", this is something that is flooded in the comments of Lil Romo's videos on youtube. The young star has already begun to pave his way to become that star with records such as "Let's Do It" which was just recently re released under his new deal with Empire, the video for the song has already racked up over 800,000 views on youtube alone.

The rapper also shared some stories about fellow Chi town rapper Polo G who has become somewhat of a mentor to him in this rap game sharing his insight as Romo navigates the waters of the music industry.

While he just dropped his new single "In My Bag" at the beginning of this month he is gearing up to drop a brand new project come summertime.

Check out the full Interview above!

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