Lil Tjay Pays Tribute To Pop Smoke In new Song "Forever Pop"

As The Hip-Hop world continues to morn the loss of Pop Smoke. A lot his of his friends in New York artists and non artists have been paying their respect to the late Brooklyn MC in their own way. Lil Tjay who collabed on tracks with Pop such as "War" & "Mannequin" dropped a new song yesterday to honor his friend called "Forever Pop".

In the song Lil Tjay talks about the moment he found out Pop died and even sampled Angie's recent Interview with Pop Smoke..

"Took you out your glory, who wanna see you lose? Woke up in the mornin', see my n---a on the news And I'm still like "Damn," tryna put together screws ... Said a lot, but still it feel like I ain't even speak yet Tryna hit a pocket that I still ain't even reach yet But I still can't comprehend this shit, it hit me in the heart"

Listen to the song below..

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