Kevin Durant Reveals He's Recorded Tracks With Other NBA Stars

Now, we all know these basketball players to wanna hit the studio when they're not cooking it up on the courts. Take Damian Lillard, Lonzo Ball, Delonte West, and even Shaq (TBT), rapping will always be #2 in their hearts. And we've known Kevin Durant to be one of those many players, and I don't know if this is much of a hot take, but he's really not bad! He keeps it humble on a track, same way as on the court, and you know we gotta respect that.

In 2018, the world got to see a leaked track between him and LeBron, which made a lot of us wonder how much music he had out there exactly. Well, after an interview with Taylor Rooks, the Brooklyn forward revealed that Bron was by and large not the only person he has hit the studio with!

Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers

During his interview on Take It There, KD admitted that he had a BUNCH of tracks in the archives, and with a wide range of superstars on the courts.

"That's a huge hobby. It's underrated how many guys have their own in-home studio as basketball players. I go to some big studios sometimes, but most of the time I'm just in the house creating stuff and having people come over," the ball player told Rooks. "When we was in - I want to say 2014 - me and DeMar got in the studio in Vegas. Me, DeMar and Rudy Gay."

He even revealed he's got tracks with Stephen Jackson, and confirmed that he had a bunch of different tracks with LeBron, all of which may never see the light of day unfortunately.

You can find their whole interview below!

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