Supreme's Newest Strange Item for Sale: Supreme Oreos

Supreme Cookie

Image via Supreme

We all know Supreme to throw us some seriously wild items. How can we forget about the Supreme axe? The Supreme fire extinguisher? Or that Supreme brick? Well, the hypebeast clothing brand has decided to branch out into food now, announcing their newest collaboration.

Sure, Supreme and Louis Vuitton is probably the most iconic collab for the organization, but pretty soon, it'll be known for its newest collaboration with Oreos 😂 The cookie company took to Twitter to confirm the collaboration.

Did you think these would resell for less? Well, I have bad news: they're reselling for a dumb amount. Travis Scott released a cereal collaboration with Reese's, which surprised many with their resale value of about $100 per box. But these Supreme x Oreo cookies are not here to play around, and reselling as high as $4,000 😪

In case you don't already feel robbed for getting Oreo's at that price, know that when they originally dropped, they were only $8. Are y'all gonna eat some red Oreo's for that much? Or is that for sure a pass?

Photo: Getty

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