50 Cent said That He Saw Himself in Pop Smoke

50 cent was really proud of Pop Smoke and how he was representing New York, bringing in his new sound and originality to Hip Hop. 

In his recent interview with The Angie Martinez Show, 50 cent shouted out how much they resembled one another and how he was a mentor to the young artist. 

50 cent: “Pop... he is 50 cent, like he’s a new version of it.”

Angie: “He's like a little baby version.”

50 cent: “Yea.” 

Angie: “He played me some songs before he left and I could hear the influence.” 

50 went on to talk about how he would advise Pop Smoke on how to correctly maneuver within the music industry. He mentioned how Pop would listen to him, and begin to make adjustments in his life for the better. 50 would stress the importance of moving clean, due to the fact that this rap game is what he needed to focus on. 

Angie: “He's a likable kid and he's dope, he got a dope voice.”

50 cent: “I like his style and energy, it's not mine, it's my voice. Like if we actually talk in the same room you will hear some of the same things, like you hear the same tones. That's why I was like nah he's not copying me.”

Angie: “It's just natural.”

50 cent: “It's his thing.”

Pop was beginning to change the way New York rappers supported one another and 50 cent saw his potential from the very beginning while admiring his individuality.

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