Mya Reportedly Married Herself in New Music Video "The Truth"

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Is it April Fools' Day yet or did Mya just prank us?

It looks like the world fell for singer Mya's most recent and public prank by fooling the world that she had gotten married. While many of us were ecstatic that the 40-year old was tying the knot, little did we know it was just click bait – the singer initially shared a photo of herself on a beach in a wedding dress with the caption, "Officially, Mrs. Lansky.”

The photo, however, was from Mya's latest music video, "The Truth" and the "marriage" was to herself in the video she later dropped hours after sharing the photo.

The video, directed by Joshua Sikkema, promotes self-love as Mya ties the knot and marries herself in a beach inspired wedding.

Congratulations on the yourself Mya! Love is love.

Photo: Getty

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