Eminem Breaks Music Record on YouTube

50 Cent Walk Of Fame Ceremony

Eminem just joined the billionaire club....for views of course.

On Sunday (Feb. 16), Slim Shady's 2014 hit track, "Rap God," passed 1 billion views on YouTube.

According to XXL Mag, Em's video is one of 30 videos that reached that milestone on the popular streaming website. He joins the only other rapper, Wiz Khalifa who's 2015 "See You Again," video reached the billion certified status at 4.4 billion views and Shady's video a whooping 1.3 billion views.

"Eminem's "Rap God" is a six-minute tour de force, which finds the Detroit MC showing off a head-spinning display of lyricism while referencing over a dozen rappers," XXL reports.

Rap God has also been certified platinum four times by the RIAA.

Congratulations Em!

Photo: Getty

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