Amadeus On Producing For JLo, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown + More!

MULTI Platinum producer Amadeus stopped by On The Radar: Producers this week! The producer who is best known for his work with Trey Songz and Christ Brown has been with Trey for close to twelve years now as his tours music coordinator.

While the producing game has changed quite a bit since he began his career he spoke about how now things are a lot easier for people to get into whether its being an artist, producer, or songwriter.

"These things these days now are handed to everybody, not just producers, songwriters, artists everything is handed to you, everything you need you can just type in now and it appears, when I was making beats there wasnt any computers I had to get out there and connect the dots."

Having worked with the likes of JLO, Justin Bieber and most recently Young M.A and Chris Brown on their new albums it's safe to say Amadeus is a Certified BX Legend!

Check out the Interview above!

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