Meg Thee Stallion Explains 2015 Arrest After Mugshot Goes Viral

Folks really went and dug up Meg's old Texas State mugshot? 🙄 A-NNOYING!

So yeah turns out Megan Thee Stallion was arrested back in 2015 and she's giving us the backstory so that folks can't calm down and move on to a different viral moment of the week.

Meg says she put hands on her 6-foot-10 boyfriend at the time. She says that it was a "toxic relationship," and things boiled over at a SXSW concert when she found out that he had cheated and had a kid with another woman. Meg says this set her off and they got into a violent argument, with the man allegedly roughing her up and stomping on her phone. Megan says that set her all the way off and she was punching him when cops showed up.

The whole case was dismissed in April 2016, after her ex-man didn't show for court and didn't want to press charges. Scroll down to watch Meg talk about the incident.

Photo: Getty

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