50 Cent Admits He Didn't Sign Nicki Minaj Because Of Her Former Manager

50 Cent admits he didn't sign Nicki Minaj because of her former manager. 

The two Jamaica, Queens natives sit down together at Nicki Minaj's Queen Radio show this week. During the interview, Minaj asked 50 Cent  why he didn't sign her when she was coming up. 50 Cent admitted he didn't sign Nicki because of her former manager Fendi. 50 Cent expresses that he wasn't checking for Minaj because Fendi was in her circle. 

Minaj responds with

"We all matured and I think it's only going to help our businesses. We are from where we from, we don't need more bullshit and drama anymore."

Fendi is responsible for discovering Minaj and actually giving her a rap name. Unfortunately, the two had a huge falling out but reconciled on an episode of her show. 

Photo: Getty Images

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